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All of our tiers allow unlimited learners/studentsunlimited leaders and unlimited simulations/scenarios.

Our pricing is based on the number of simulations/scenarios you have active for students/learners to use at any time.

Individual Lecturer looking for a license for your module?
£4.50/month gives you access to the ‘Assess’ functionality with 1 active scenario at any time.

Cancel anytime, upgrade anytime. Keep it simple.

Great for competitive, fun training and lectures without assessment or tracking
  • Run scenarios, quizzes and problem-based simulations
  • Realtime and Training Scenarios
  • Simulation Analytics Included (Optimal path, flows, scoring)
  • Manually Open/Close Scenarios
  • Unlimited Learners/players with emailed results
  • Includes 10 slots: additional slots are £1.80/month
Assess and track learners, utilise our machine-learning based engagement tools
  • All of the Engage Tier features
  • Formal and Summative Assessments
  • Scheduled Open/Close
  • Free-text Answers
  • Advanced Scenario Builder
  • Team Mode with Unlimited teams
  • Customised Email Feedback
  • Virtual Labs and multi-stage Simulations
  • Includes 10 slots: additional slots are £4.50/month
Best for multi-agency interaction or response, or specialist approaches using tailored tools
from £
  • All features from the Assess Tier
  • Interlinked scenarios for complex situational learning
  • AI-based dynamic events based on player behaviour
  • Simulation Generator (users each play a slightly different scenario)
  • Dynamic Event Buttons allowing changes to running simulations
  • Offline Mode for in-field simulations or closed-book assessment
  • Advanced tools such as Forensic Scene Manager and Antibody Panels (additional cost)

Ready to subscribe?

Login to your Web Manager account, and click the Settings icon in any simulation space to upgrade.

Don’t want to pay monthly or looking at the Embed tier? Contact us to find out about annual discounts!

Training, Discounts & Unlimited Licenses

Tailored Training is provided for any subscriptions over 30 slots per month, and provided as a 1-hour remote session which can be recorded for distribution to any other staff. All lecturers/leaders/trainers attached to a licensed scenario space have access to our daily learning clinics and can contact us for support or use our scenario design/assistance service for free (your send us the resources, case studies or lectures, and we’ll put them into Resimion for you to save you time). Training can be repeated every 6 months – useful as Resimion adds features weekly!

Discounts: Pricing above applies monthly when paid by credit card. An 8% discount is available (equivalent to 1 month free) for subscriptions paid annually by invoice or credit card.

Unlimited Licenses: your license becomes an unlimited license when you reach 100 slots (10 bundles of 10 slots) subscribed at any tier and has no active usage limits.

We like to be open about our pricing!

Excluding any annual discounts or offers and excluding the individual lecturer license, the minimum annual cost for Resimion is £216 per year (£18 per month) and the maximum annual cost including all Resimion services and and features without any limitation is £9,840 (£820 per month). Prices exclude VAT, which some organisations will be able to reclaim. 

Branding for your organisation?

Creating an organisation brand helps your learners feel at home in your learning environment with a custom welcome message and logo. Creating a brand is easy to do, but has a minimum slot commitment. Contact us to find out more