Scenario Platform

The base of the Resimion system, the simulation platform allows you to design and run scenarios, problems and quizzes with your learners and students.

Scenarios can be accessed quickly and easily with a 6-digit alphanumeric code.

Students can run through formative or summative assessments, working individually or as part of a team, with interactive metrics for time, points, money or any other measures you create!

Integrate images, video, files and other media to allow students to solve or work through complex immersive scenarios, whilst you track and monitor progress centrally from your own management interface.

See our pricing page for more information about our tiers and subscribing to the platform.

Assessment Module

Track and measure student engagement, automatically assign marks based on marking criteria, and identify which of your students are hitting key standards levels.

The assessment module takes care of inviting learners, reminding them to take the scenario, and giving you cohort analytics for groups, whole programmes or courses with flexible reporting. 

This module can also be used for CPD management and tracking.

Review behaviour analytics and scenario paths to see how students have worked through your scenarios in realtime, allowing you to review and teach based on evidence.

Assessment functionality is available in either the Assess or Embed tiers. See pricing for more details.

Specialist Tools

Image Analyser

Allow students to take any image from within the scenario and use it to grab evidence, snap and tag parts of images, and mark up using text and arrows. Great for identifying forensic assets, crime scene risks, or cell images, for example.

Antibody Panel

Designed for specialist transfusion and transplantation scenarios, the antibody panel tool allows students and learners to simulate cross-matching blood using industry standard practices.

Report Writer

Report writer allows students to write fully detailed reports, using tables, images, links, code and other full rich text functionality. Includes the ability to use media (such as crime scene images or cell images) within the report from the scenario.

Dynamic Events

Introduce new elements to scenarios or problems using Artificial Intelligence, simulating real-life response and decision making. No two dynamic scenarios are the same, giving excellent training opportunities.

Image Zones

Create clickable images, from photos to cell images, to full crime scenes or images of labs. Students can click through images to make decisions, or run sub-scenarios.

Our tiers include some or all of these tools, or the tools can be purchased individually. See pricing for more detail.

Wellness Module (Beta)

Knowing how your staff and students are is more important now than at any time previously. 

Resimion’s new module allows you to drive interaction and engagement.

With the wellness functionality built into Resimion, you can communicate with your learners and staff to find out how they are, communicate directly with them, and easily see engagement so you know how they are.

LProduce short video messages for learners, create competitive scenarios to generate peer interaction, and run surveys to get feedback on anything you need.

Wellness is a module we are releasing to our early adaptor customers at this time. Contact us for more information.