In the realm of education, traditional methods of teaching and learning are constantly evolving to adapt to the changing needs […]
Creating assessments which prevent plagiarism and collusion between students/learners is challenging. The nature of most assessments means they are very […]
Collaborative scenario design and delivery The modern workplace is a complex network of interdependencies, where communication and collaboration across disciplines […]
Scenario-based learning through Resimion immerses the student in an environment to test their knowledge, skills and understanding of a subject […]
It’s been over a year since we formed Resimion and performed our first user trials and feedback sessions. Taking a […]
The aim of any learning experience is to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to undertake the task […]
Resimion, or more specifically ‘Resim games’ have a variety of modes that they can be played in depending on the […]
Gamification is, in essence, applying gaming principles to a non-gaming context. It uses these aspects to help users achieve external […]
The Problem Having been surrounded by educators at all levels throughout my life, the learning process has always been close […]