Why we exist

Sometimes learning can be dull. Sometimes it’s exciting. Ultimately, traditional learning is only as good as a learners capability to retain facts so that they can be applied when the time is right – like an exam. 

Resimion aims to change that. 

By applying knowledge to simulated scenarios, assessing how a learner reaches the optimal scenario path and gamifying the experience, we help the learner apply their knowledge and understand the decisions he or she makes. This in turn
helps that learner deepen understanding of the material being learnt, taking them beyond simple fact recall.

Resimion gives the learning leader the ability to run quick or long, realtime competitive or offline scenarios or formative assessments, based around the content taught to learners. 

Our Team

The Resimion team is powered by people passionate about learning.

Dan C

Chief Learning Officer

Russ M

Associate Business Development Director

Marius S

Lead Developer

Kerry S

Executive Assistant

Dr. Jen H

Scenario & Content Aficionado