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Scenario Outputs

When using conclusions or outcomes in Resimion, you have the ability to allow learners to search for the right outcome, diagnosis or conclusion or pick from a fixed list (or even mix up both).

Sometimes, however, it’s important that students provide more information whether that is a really simple statement, detailed report or a more complex video response… or even upload a file or picture.

Resimion supports 3 additional types of output: Video, Free Text or File.

On each conclusion/output you’ll see 4 options:

Auto select automatically selects the conclusion when the stage or conditions activate. This is important if you want an output in a particular task or stage, but don’t want the learner to have to search for it or select it first.

Free Text

Free text answers can optionally use templates – for example filling out a form or other type of template. Free text answers can be fully formatted using tables, images, videos and other types of embedding.

If you’d like to use a template, please contact Resimion by emailing hello@resimion.com with the template and we’ll add it for you – you’ll soon be able to do this yourself.

When you enable a free text output, learners will see this in the scenario:

And clicking this option presents them with the full editor:

Learners can write a report in word or other first, and then copy and paste in the results. Learners also have the ability to make the editor full screen (click View -> Full Screen).


Video responses can either be recorded offline, for example on a phone or webcam, and then the file uploaded, or a learner can use the built-in webcam recording tool.

Learners are presented with this when a video response is required:

Lerners can use the built-in webcam tool to record the response automatically:

Both cannot be used. One option overwrites the other, and only one response per conclusion can be recorded.

Files and Images

Learners can upload files or images to the Resimion platform whilst running a scenario. If you select the ‘File Upload’ setting within a conclusion, learners will see an option to upload a file or image during the scenario:

Reviewing the Timeline

Marking the uploaded outputs is easy. In the Marking center of your scenario, on the Marking tab, you will see the uploads for each learner.

You can also see when in the learner’s timeline they uploaded/recorded the video, file or image: