It’s been over a year since we formed Resimion and performed our first user trials and feedback sessions. Taking a very embryonic idea – that public sector organisations could understand how teams react in specific scenarios – has turned into a feature-rich scenario-assessment application used on mobile devices, web browsers and tablets. Today we launch ‘v2’. Our new platform gives learners and leaders the chance to create extremely complex scenarios using flow charts, virtual labs, and perform structured summative assessments including with free text answers.

Preparing v2 has been a long road, but importantly it sets our platform up for our new roadmap to give learners and users a more in-depth experience. That is particularly important in these uncertain coronavirus times, where remote working and learning has become critical.

Over the course of the next week we’ll be turning on these features for our existing users, but for now, why not look at the preview video below?

New to Resimion? Signup for our quick overview as well: click here and we’ll get you onto our next weekly training session.

— Team Resimion


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