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Using Video

Resimion allows you to use video in the following places:

  • Pre (before) the Scenario starts, before the learner sees the description
  • Post (after) the Scenario has run, before scoring
  • In the Scenario Overview (which learners can click to view)
  • In the Task/Stage Pane (which learners can click to view)
  • In Actions/Decisions (which learners can click to view)
  • As a response to an Output (where the learner uploads or records a video during the scenario)

Apart from the last bullet point above, all videos are added by you designing the scenario in the web manager. You can add videos in one of 3 ways:

  • Upload to YouTube/Vimeo, and provide the link – this option works if you are familiar with online video tools and sites, and will provide the best experience for learners as the video site can deliver the video in the most optimal way.
  • Record in Resimion – Resimion has a built-in video recorder that allows you to record videos. This is great for a quick introduction video with audio and video, or allowing the learner to record a response, but it does not allow you to record your screen or provide any editing tools.
  • Upload a Video – you can also upload an MP4 file to Resimion, using your own video editing tool. You can export your PowerPoint as a video and upload it to Resimion, for example.

There is no limitation to video size or length, but consider that the larger and longer the video, the less likely learners are to engage with it for the full video.

Due to licensing restrictions from YouTube and Vimeo, those providers do not allow most videos to be shown ‘in-app’, so learners will be presented with a link to view the video.

Adding Video – Scenario Overview, Decisions & Stages/Tasks

To add video media, visit the Scenario Overview or Decision, and click the Add Media button.

Proceed to select either External Video (for YouTube or Vimeo), Upload Video or Record Video.

You can find out more about Resimion’s built in video recorder and see what it looks like here.

Adding Video – Pre/Post Video

To add video before or after your scenario, expand Step 5 in the setup wizard and click ‘Pre/Post content’ to set both a text description and video.

Pre/Post videos show on the screen as follows: