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Organisation Administration Guide

This article is designed to be used by organisational administrators who are co-ordinating multiple spaces, modules or complex licenses. In this guide you will find out how to invite users, create spaces, and assign licenses.

As organisational administrator, you can setup spaces, review and manage all licenses, and control your ‘domain’ (for example myorg.co.uk or someuni.ac.uk).

Note: Your email address will also appear to any of your Users (primarily using the designer, of which most will be your colleagues) offering help with any space or licensing issues which you have control over. Any general Resimion or content-based help requests continue to be directed to us.


Resimion has 3 types of user:

  • User – either a learner or designer, a User has access to both the scenario web and app run tools and also the web designer. Users can be attached to spaces in the designer, or invited as learners and allocated Resims.
  • Space Owner – the same as a User, but this is someone that owns one of more spaces in Resimion. This may be the User that created the space, or a User that has been assigned as Owner. An Owner has the ability to set security on a space, invite and manage learner allocations in the space, and add other Users to the space.
  • Organisational Administrator – a role which is attached to an organisational domain – i.e. *.myuniversity.ac.uk. An organisational administrator has access to see all associated users from that domain, and can see a list of all spaces in that domain, and optionally take ownership of them. An organisation administrator can also use the User Investigation tool to see which scenarios were run and other metadata about the user such as the time logged in, signed up, and when emails were sent.

An organisational administrator can be assigned by contacting your Resimion account manager (or via hello@resimion.com). We will consult with organisational contacts (for example the bill payer or existing organisational administrator(s)) and verify that you have authority to be given this role. Administrators are only assigned where organisations are purchasing licenses, not individuals or separate departments sharing the same domain.

Note: An organisational administrator cannot access Resims within spaces or see the list of individual Resims in spaces unless that administrator has been invited by a Space Owner to a space. An organisational administrator can forcibly take ownership of a space, however, which is an audited activity.

If you’d like to know more about our Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, please read this.

Inviting Users

When setting up users who will be designing Resims and sharing spaces (typically colleagues, for example, not learners), you will want to invite them to the space to share creation of Resims. However, before those users can be associated with the space they need to have a Resimion account.

Note: If you invite a user to a space before they have a Resimion account, they will be sent an email asking them to sign up, and then contact you to be re-invited once they have done so.

To prevent this duplication and get users up and running quickly, we suggest that:

  • You create a space for the whole organisations to share (see below under ‘Spaces’).
  • Make sure this space is licensed to at least the Assess level, or the Embed level. If you have an unlimited site license, you can skip this part.
  • Click on the chart icon to go to the Assessment Center, and bulk-add all colleagues as ‘Learners’. See Inviting Students & Learners to Resimion.
  • Resimion will then invite and you can track who has signed up, and you can add those that have signed up to the Space itself – see Adding users to spaces.

Note: Inviting staff as a learner and also adding them to a space are two separate things. The first allows staff to be allocated scenarios as if they were learners – but in this case, you won’t be actually allocating anything, just using the invitation for tracking. The second – adding to the space – allows staff to share the space and design functionality.


We recommend that you create at least one space your whole organisation has access to, and you can invite in all users, as you can then use this as a sharing mechanism or internal library of resources which you can control.

Get started by creating spaces as described in this guide: Getting Started: Creating a space.

You might want to create spaces as follows:

  • One space for your whole organisation, but locked. This becomes an ‘organisational library’ which users can copy Resims as they need
  • One space for each module or course you are running. This space typically lasts for the length of the course – so each year (or other period) you’d have a new space for a new ‘run’ of the module or course.
  • Personal spaces – your colleagues might request a personal space, and can request you become the ‘billing owner’ for those spaces. Your colleagues need to create the space if appropriate (i.e. you do not have an unlimited license).


You can see license allocations in your organisation for any spaces where you have been set as the ‘Billing Owner’, or all spaces in your organisation if you are the organisational administrator.

Click your email address in the top right hand corner, and select ‘Subscriptions and Billing’ for more information. You can also review Assigning Licenses/Slots to Spaces for more information.