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Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Resimion!

Firstly, we appreciate your interest in the Resimion platform and your time reading this guide. In this guide we aim to cover a few quick points to get you started, help you to create a space (if you don’t already have one) and walk you through creating your first Resim.

What is Resimion, and why am I using it again?!

Resimion is an innovative decision analytics and feedback platform that provides your learners with a new, unique way to deliver problem-based and scenario-based learning whilst making it fun, interesting and inclusive. We also allow quizzes, video assessments, formative and summative assessments… and if you wish, you can apply gamification to the whole experience to take your teaching to a new level.

At the core of the Resimion system is our decision platform, which learners and delegates of all ages and backgrounds enjoy using because they can work through real problems or scenarios and get active feedback whilst doing so. Every experience run, which we call a ‘Resim‘ (short for Research Simulation), is identified by a unique 6-digit code which you can share with your learners. Sometimes we’ll refer to Resims as scenarios, simulations, quizzes or case studies, but it all means the same thing.

If you’d like a more in-depth overview, you can watch our video. It is a 30+ minute introduction to Resimion, giving you all the background you should need to understand the platform.

Great! So how do I create something?

We recommend you start by running through creating an investigative Resim about a subject dear to our hearts – brewing a hot cup of tea. We have a walk through guide available here. This guide takes approximately 15-20 minutes to work through and covers all the core concepts of the Resimion experience through to running the Resim/scenario.

Need more? Check out our toolkits!

Once you are ready, you might want to read our Quiz toolkit, Case Study toolkit, or for really comprehensive Resims, see our Crime Scene toolkit. This includes covering how to use the assessment manager and invite students.

We are currently creating a community sharing feature and a set of other guides you will be able to use with more examples, demos and templates.

Where can I get help?

We offer help in a number of different ways, including our design service and daily learning clinics to assist you with creating Resims, managing Users or helping you deliver the experience. You can run as solo or as assisted as you wish. As long as you are attached to a paying organisation and paying space (be it as staff or student/learner), we are ready to assist however we can.

You can get help from the following channels:

  • LiveChat – available from the website or via the ‘Help’ button in the Resimion designer, this is a live chat function staffed by the Resimion team. We do our best to be available from 8:30am to 5:30pm UK time weekdays, but usually our later evening teams are available up until midnight UK and over weekends. This is the fastest way to get an answer to a query, problem or issue.
  • Email – feel free to email us at hello@resimion.com. We typically respond within 1-2 hours, or if we see the issue is urgent, we’ll prioritise it and respond urgently.
  • Design Service – we are happy to do the heavy lifting on creating Resims. Just send us ideas or PowerPoints, recordings or otherwise of your lectures and we’ll work with it to create something for you which you can then review and improve. This is available for free to staff – learners/students cannot use this service (as students will usually be tasked with creating Resims as part of a flipped assessment… us doing it for you isn’t going to end well!)
  • Daily Learning Clinics – a 10am-10:30am meeting runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can just turn up and get help with problems, training or just bounce ideas off us. The meeting is held in teams. To get the invite please email hello@resimion.com, and you can leave the invite in your calendar and just drop in when you wish.

Organisational Administrator? We have a guide for that

See our guide here, and shout if you need help. This includes covering single sign-on (SSO).

The Important Stuff

Last, but by no means least, here are a list of policies we typically get asked for: