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Crime Scene Example Resources

Our example resources contain video, pictures and a PDF listing all of the important content of the crime scenes. You can add your own or use ours, it’s your choice.

You are allowed to use this resources inside the Resimion platform, or within lectures talking about the scenario on the Resimion platform. Please don’t use them anywhere else!

  • Scene 1: Abduction (coming soon)
  • Scene 2: Drug House Raid
  • Scene 3: Burglary/Murder
  • Scene 4: Festival Assault (coming soon)
  • Scene 5: Car Crash (coming soon)

All of our scenes contain safe images, and do not contain any content which may be sensitive or illegal to distribute as we make them freely available here. Any actors in videos or images are employees or associates of Resimion.

If you are a police force or forensic authority and using our secure modules within Resimion, contact your account manager for further examples.

Lastly, our scenes contain themes which may be upsetting or disturbing for some students. Just like you do your other lectures and crime scenes, it’s important that you warn and alert students about content before giving them an assessment or training using these materials.