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Common Problems & Questions

When creating scenarios for the first time, it’s possible a scenario won’t work the way you expect. Here are some common problems and solutions to those problems that we get asked:

I can’t edit my scenario (or I can’t change XYZ setting)

Check you have pressed Reset before attempting to edit your scenario. A scenario must be ‘Not Started’ to edit – Running, Finished, Open, Waiting in Lobby will not allow editing.

My scenario shows a blank page when playing

Check you have:

  • Selected an initial task/question by clicking the icon in the ‘Initial’ column of Question setup
  • No automatic empty tasks/questions
  • Every automatic task/question has a minimum number of required answers or decisions
Ensure the max and min is set appropriately for each question – set outcomes/conclusions to 0 if not using them

An example of blank questions/stages – remove these

My scenario seems to go backwards and forwards between tasks or questions every second

If it appears as if a question or task keeps reappearing and ‘flip-flopping’ in an unexpected way, then make sure:

  • You have not set ‘No Return’ for each question/task, meaning that the question keeps being available and loading.
  • On question/task setup, make sure no return is switched on for each task.
Here, ‘No Return’ is set (switched on) for all 3 questions

I can’t see a ‘Next Question’ or ‘Next Task’ button

This assumes you have chosen manual progression in your tasks or quiz (see quiz toolkit).

  • Make sure you have added an activator to each question or task under Question/Task Setup
  • Each activator should apply to the task/question it is in – i.e. Question 2 would have an activator named ‘Goto Question 2’ for example, Question 3 would have ‘Goto Question 3’
  • Make sure you have no conditions accidentally set preventing the next question or task activating – and importantly, make sure the task/question does not depend on itself!
  • Make sure all of your tasks/questions are set to type ‘Manual’ for manual progression
This example shows the question being dependent on B, D and C from another question , and also points needing to be between 10 and 50. Remove these if things are not working as expected!

All the ‘Next task’ buttons show, and I only want one to show at a time

Resimion will show all available Tasks/Questions at any given point in time that meet the conditions you have set. In this case, you need to set a condition on each stage that the last question is done – for example, Question 3 relies on Question 2. Add Question 2 as required for Question 3 under the conditions tab against Tasks or Questions, Question 4 requires Question 3, and so on. This will mean only one button shows at a time.

My scenario seems to end being out of points before it even starts

This can be caused by a number of different things, but try to set the minimum points to -1, initial/starting value to 0, and maximum to 1000. If it still occurs, please contact us – we will need to review your scoring and conditions.

When running the scenario, it doesn’t show all my tasks/questions

Resimion will only show tasks/questions where the conditions have been met for that task/question. Make sure:

  • You don’t have any conditions set (check ALL, ANY and NONE) on any answers or outcomes/conclusions
  • You have not used measure restrictions to restrict question availability

When I try and upload a media item (video or image) to a Task, Question or Stage, it doesn’t work and I get blank stages/tasks

This is currently a known issue we are resolving. To work around it, instead upload your media item to the Scenario Overview, and use the Stage Restrictions (padlock icon). See here for more information under ‘Stage Restrictions’.

Still having problems? We are here to help! Email us: hello@resimion.com