Forensic Science Teaching using Simulation

Resimion allows lecturers, trainers and instructors to create action-based scenarios, thereby allowing your students to better reflect on gaps in knowledge and improve learning outcomes. With support for custom feedback, open-text answers and image manipulation, your learners benefit from running forensic science scenarios by being able to self-reflect on how they apply taught knowledge to problems.

Simulated Interviews

First Officer Attending CSI interview simulations

Use video and written information to simulate the process of students interviewing the initial scene officer. Students search or select the questions, and Resimion uses the scenario information you have provided to identify the right and wrong path to an initial hypothesis.

Limit your students to time, give them points for asking the right questions, and feedback for selecting non-optional lines of questioning.

Simulate & Assess Processes

Evidence Packaging, Scene Risk Assessment

Walk through entire processes with your students handling Health & Safety, Preservation, Contamination control, Tampering and ensuring materials are packaged correctly. 

Create scenarios with clear learning outcomes allowing students to decide for themselves how to package evidence, giving them immediate feedback about the decisions or selections they take, and identifying the optimal outcome.

Scenario-based CSI

Visual Crime Scenes,  Image Analysis and Tagging

Create a full Crime Scene scenario with full scene photographs, video and text descriptions. Have your students walk through the initial assessment, risk assessment process and evidence collection processes, tagging images/writing reports in an open-text fashion  

Ethical dilemmas…

How do your students handle ethical situations?

With Resimion, create scenarios that represent ethical dilemmas, difficult situations at scenes or unexpected events occurring. Allow your students to understand how the decisions they take affect the outcomes they reach with feedback.