Biological & Biomedical Science using Scenarios 

Resimion allows lecturers, trainers and instructors to create action-based scenarios, thereby allowing your students to better reflect on gaps in knowledge and improve learning outcomes. With support for custom feedback, open-text answers and image manipulation, your learners benefit from running biological or biomedical science scenarios by being able to self-reflect on how they apply taught knowledge to problems.

diagnostic Case studies

Use simulated patient case studies to create scenarios that represent diagnosing conditions in patients, interpreting tests and test results, and gaining an understanding of the diagnostic pathway for a given 

Assign budgets to scenarios, costs to tests and provide a running time to diagnosis, introducing elements that require learners to carefully consider the choices that they make.

cell pathology simulations

Create procedure pathways that allow students to investigate different straining techniques and resulting slides, identifying and analysing cell types at different magnifications. 

Track learners as they make choices about the procedures that they follow

Virtual labs

Simulate complex virtual teaching labs remotely!  Create lab-based procedures, 

transfusion & crossmatching

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